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The Company

Good Fortune Bay Fisheries was formed in 2002 to take advantage of a perfect fish-rearing site. We knew that the uniquely high quality water available would allow us to produce rare and exacting reef fish, as well as enable the integration of all of the sensitive life stages, giving us complete control. We operate fisheries in Australia at Bowen and Townsville.

Why the water is so good for fish

Good Fortune Bay Fisheries core philosophy is to locate our farm’s where our fish will be produced in the cleanest water available. It is a simple idea; clean water equals healthy and tasty fish, naturally.

Our primary farm and our hatchery are located near Bowen, North Queensland, in Queensland’s driest coastal region (The Dry Tropics).

Because there is little rain, the discharge of freshwater and sediments into the area is low. This means that our water stays cleaner – what our technical people call ‘Oceanic’. The reef comes very close to the coast around here and the water is blue like you will only see in the clean tropics.

Near Townsville, at our Kelso Fishery we grow barramundi in water drawn from deep, clear bores.

Our sites are unique and perfect and we intend to keep them that way. We invest heavily in our environment and our people, because we know that these are what make our fish special.